automatic_scale_forage_1 automatic_scale_forage_2


  1. Automatic electronic scales developed with basic idea to satisfy the diverse requirements for measurement, control and management of bulk products involved in technological processes.
  2. The classification depends on the outcome of portioned out (batching scales) and continuous output (differential scales).
  3. The management implemented various modifications to the operating modes: measure, dosing with the modified according to the needs serving. Measure and control the various parameters of the flow of the main product.
  4. Different models are developed and implemented for dosing capacity: 1.0 ÷ 300 t / h
  5. There is an optional possibility to measure the density and temperature and the product.
  6. Computer control ensures, opportunities for changing technology and system parameters and generate the history of the process in the form of tables graphics reports for selected periods of time.
  7. Integrating permeate product is recorded in the sweepstakes, the basis of which can be consulted on the permeate product back in time.