Automatic mixing system of the flour and additives

Mixer Mixer_weigh Scale_additives


  1. Automatic mixing system esigned to provide optimum performance in dosing and mixing different flours и additives. Mixer of the flour wilh 5-8 sneak, capacity 2-20 t/h
    • Frequency controller of the speed of the sneaks;
    • Mixer collected with 4 tense cell 2.0t every of them;
    • Accuracy of the dosing system is ± 1.0kg.
  2. Weigh scale capacity 10.0 kg with 4-5 sneak capacity 1.0-10.0 kg/min
    • Frequency controller of the speed of the sneaks;
    • Weigh scale measure additives with accuracy of the dosing system is ± 1.0kg.
  3. PLC control the process of dosing system
    • Automatically recharge the operational bunker from which is primarily provided dosing;
    • Automatic control of dosing in proportion to the mainstream product (flour);
    • Computer control ensures, opportunities for changing technology and system parameters and generate the history of the process in the form of tables graphics reports for selected periods of time;
    • Integrating permeate product is recorded in the sweepstakes, the basis of which can be consulted on the permeate product back in time.