aauto_packoing_line_1 auto_packoing_line_2


  1. Automatic packing line is fully automated line that characterized by the following features and capabilities:
    • Automatic sampling and opening the empty bag by the vacuum created by the fan, which has improved reliability over similar systems with suction cups.
    • Vertical auger dosing with vector control motor, which together with weight control performed exceptionally high accuracy of dosing. A transport screw with upper level fills the hopper.
    • Automatic shut-off module that includes vibration, levelling, and closing sticking with thermo-adhesive.
    • Automatic weight control providing a correction of the weight depending on the change of the parameters of the flour.
  2. Thermal tunnel furnace for stacking packets of flour with shrink film.
    • Conveyor with photo sensors to control packages.
    • Intelligent temperature control temperature of the locking blade and heating the air in the tunnel.
    • Measured ambient temperature