el_system_for_reg_1 el_system_for_reg_2


  1. SYSTEM was developed as part of a technological cycle of conditioning before milling grain for I, II and III moistening.
  2. Different models are developed and implemented for dosing capacity: 10.0, 30.0 and 60.0 t / h.
  3. Measure continuous stream of moisture grain input to the system, hectolitre, and temperature.
  4. Weight measurement principle in the flow of grain input to the system.
  5. Calculate the water needed to achieve the necessary moisture for the process of conditioning the grain and adds it to the output to grain.
  6. The system for dispensing water is adapted to the different conditions and provided operating temperatures below freezing. It has its own pulse meter with a calibrated parameters and reliable and suitable actuator controlled by the PID controller through.
  7. Computer control ensures, opportunities for changing technology and system parameters and generate the history of the process in the form of tables graphics reports for selected periods of time.
  8. Integration of the permeate product is recorded in the sweepstakes, the basis of which can be consulted on the permeate product back in time.